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Business Support Marketers

The acronym BSM stands for Business Support Marketer. As a BSM, you qualify as a reseller for the Retailpay M-commerce solution and can earn up to 20% commission from customers recruited by you.


For the first set of customers recruited directly by you, an instant 15% commission of their monthly subscription is credited to your account. This commission is paid monthly for all customers you recruited as long as the subscription fee for that particular month is paid.

Imagine earning an extra N100, 000 monthly just by referring Retailpay Mobile to your friends! That's just a tip of the iceberg.

What's more?

For every new addition (Second liner) referred, you get an additional 5% of their monthly subscriptions. Put succinctly, if you refer, say, Esther and she signs up, you get an instant 15% from her subscription and for subsequent months Esther renews. In the same vein, if Esther refers a new entrant, Raphael, Esther gets 15% of Raphael's subscription (her first liner) and you (who signed up Esther) gets 5% of Raphael's subscriptions (your second liner) anytime he renews it. Just like that!

Do join our reseller program today. Start now by enrolling as a Business Support Marketer and recommend Retailpay Mobile to your friends, family and customers and earn additional income. Just Register for Retailpay mobile and follow the instruction in the email sent to you.

Please Contact us if you have more questions regarding becoming a BSM.
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