Take payments and manage your storePROFESSIONALLY

Retailpay Enterprise integrates all facets of operations in an organization, including logistics, production, finance and reporting, as well as sales and marketing.

The Solution provides corporate headquarters with information, from the field and other remote business locations that are required to make adequate decisions for the success of the company. Retailpay PC is suitable for Medium to large scale businesses such as Restaurant chains, Hospitals, Transport, Bakeries, Confectionaries, Manufacturers, Supermarket chains and other franchise sectors.

A new way of running and growing your businessVALUE PROPOSITION

Below are key value preposition for some sectors

Health Sector

  • Access to Electronic patient records
  • View the business activities in different departments and units
  • Access reports on the diagnostics with the highest occurrence of treatment
  • Payment collections for services across all locations and business units
  • Improved and modern patient identification with printing of names and hospital number on receipts
  • Faster Service delivery
  • Improved pharmacy/hospital synergy record keeping
  • Improved inventory management
  • Manage  revenue collections
  • Improved drugs and service management

Super Markets, Bakeries, and Franchise and Restaurant chains

  • View transactions from all locations
  • Track, monitor and manage the raw materials / products from purchase to semi-finished and finished products.
  • Manage merchant inventory holistically
  • Ability to set re-order levels
  • Ability to transfer stock to different locations
  • Real-time notification of business conditions
  • Ability to give instant discounts
  • Provide alternative payment options
  • Barcoding services
  • Faster service delivery
  • Customer management
  • Tax management
  • Multiple receipt printing
  • Intelligent business reporting


  • Warehouse management
  • Product Barcoding
  • Production management
  • Inventory control and management
  • Product lifespan management
  • Quality assurance
  • User management
  • Finance and payment management
  • Ordering Management
  • Distributor and depot operations management

Most Businesses today require a solution that will give the business owner/ Management a clear view into the activities of the business at a glance. Retailpay Enterprise solution provides this by creating an online real-time environment to view various reports and activities at their convenience.